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Rather than developing and building a system that can help in the creation of web pages or store images, CMS can be useful for handling all types of infrastructure work, while you or your website developer can concentrate on the customer-facing areas of the CMS website.

A Content Management System or CMS is software that is used for creating, managing and editing a website even if you do not have any specialized technical skills or knowledge.

With CMS, you can develop and design a website without even having to write the code. In short, a CMS website is a website that is developed by using a content management system.

CMS not only helps in managing the text or images which are being displayed on the website, but they also help in tracking the user sessions, handling the search queries, collecting visitor feedback and comments, hosting forums on the website etc.

Joomla Development
WordPress Development
About WordPress Development

WordPress is a powerful and useful open source content management system

WordPress is a powerful and useful open source content management system that is based on PHP.


More than 75% of websites are built on using WordPress CMS. Imtech is a leading WordPress development company in India. We have been successfully offering WordPress website solutions and seamlessly upgrading skills to provide better service to our clients. Our WordPress developers are experienced in building Return on Investment (ROI) driven enterprise-class websites that have robust, unbeatable performance, complete control and security.

Our custom WordPress development services include WordPress web app development, blog development, CMS development, theme development, template design, plugin development and much more.


WordPress provides numerous great themes so that you can customize it according to the requirements. If you are looking to build an utterly commercial website or want to set up a platform for your personal thoughts, diaries and essays, WordPress CMS is a perfect choice. It provides fonts, colors, templates and plugins to create a unique experience for your audience.

Advantages WordPress Development

Our team of expert developers works on the latest technologies to keep up you update and upgrade.


WordPress offers an ideal environment to perform SEO. It is already very SEO-friendly, but by applying very basic SEO techniques, the website gains a healthy ranking in search results.

Easy Available Theme

WordPress has thousands of dedicated themes, and many of them are free. It facilitates users to customize and personalize the website according to its needs.

Easy Maintenance

It made it easier to manage the content and simplify the things by assigning authors, administrators, and editors and regulating the limitations.

Responsive Design

The websites built-in WordPress CMS are very responsive in nature; thus, it is the best platform for creating content marketing.

About Joomla Development

As Joomla is an open-source framework based on PHP

Joomla is considered one of the first choices of software houses all over the world when it comes to using a Content Management System (CMS) for web app development. Imtech have an experienced team of Joomla developers, leveraging their years of technical knowledge and expertise in crafting world-class Joomla websites that meet your business needs.


Joomla is the most loved over other technologies, as it is feature-rich, versatile, and easy-to-use. Joomla is open source technology based on PHP and therefore comes free. There are thousands of small and big enterprises using Joomla to create corporate websites, personal websites, forums, blogs, online networks, and much more. Joomla is famous because it is easy to use, provides flexibility and stability. You can also take advantage of Joomla open source CMS to fulfill your web content publishing needs. To make the best out of Joomla, it should be customized to meet the end-users’ requirements.

Advantages Joomla Development

The applications developed using Joomla are secure, robust, and performance-optimized and provide cross-browser and cross-operating system compatibility

Reduce Cost

As Joomla is an open-source framework based on PHP, it requires minimum deployment and development costs.

friendliness with E-commerce

Joomla is specially created by keeping in the friendliness with E-commerce and blogging websites. That is why Joomla CMS is the most demanding technology in this domain.

High-Level Customization

Joomla offers seamless ERP integration, CRM integration, and Social integration to enhance website performance. It provides a high-level of Customized templates, components, modules, plugins, and custom code to build a robust website.


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